Kauhavan Puukkopaja

Kauhavan Puukkopaja is a family company that was established in 1995. We make knives and sell them through wholesale and retail.

Our knives are mostly made for craft, work, wilderness and hobby usage. They are also suitable as business gifts and as army memorial knives. Our goal is to make high-quality knives with a good finish.
Myynti tapahtuu tukku- ja vähittäismyyntinä. 

We also annually participate in a few exhibitions and sales events, where we get to meet our customers face-to-face, and hear good feedback from them. A sign of good quality is that year after year satisfied customers purchase new knives, so thank you to our loyal customers!


Tietoa tuotteistamme



The knife handles are made from curly birch, reindeer antler and leather. We also use a small amount of birch bark and pussy willow burls. Some knife handles are lathed by copy cutter and some are crafted completely by hand. Curly birch handles are oiled as they are, or stained brown or red and then oiled.


We have designed the sheaths ourselves and we hand make them from vegetable tanned cow leather. Colour options include natural, dyed dark brown or black leather. The mouth of the sheath has been thinned and turned inwards to make the opening neat, to prevent it stretching with use and so that the knife stays in the sheath well. The sheaths are individually patterned, and inside they have a plastic liner, which protects the blade and gives shape to the sheath. In general, the colour of the sheath is chosen in accordance with the colour of the handle.


The blades for our knives are made by Laurin Metalli Oy in Kauhava. The blades are made from high-quality carbon steel, which has a carbon content of 0.8% and a hardness of 59-60 HRC. The blades remain sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen. After factory grinding, the carbon steel blade is ground to a concave shape. In this way the blade’s carving and sharpening properties are considerably improved. Chromium steel is used in some models, for example in fillet knives. The chromium steel blades have a hardness of approximately 57-58 HRC. Kauhavan Puukkopaja has been engraved by freehand on the blades, while some have been given our hallmark, MK. Online shop customers can have their name engraved onto the other side of the blade without charge. Names are engraved by freehand.

Blade care: Clean and dry the carbon steel immediately after use to prevent rust. Occasionally treat the blade with paraffin or cooking oil. When not in use, keep the knife in its sheath in a dry place. Sharpen the blade when required. Whetstones made from natural stone or diamond coated sharpers can be used when sharpening. A diamond coated sharpener is an especially good choice when sharpening a chromium steel blade.