Popular products for business gifts

The photos above show our most popular designs as business gifts. Almost any of our knives are suitable as business gifts. You can get to know other models, for example, in the dealers' collection or in the online store.

Finnish handmade sheath knives have always been popular and valued business gifts. A knife is an utilitarian gift and suitable for many kinds of use both in hobbies and in work.

Knives also are very suitable as retail items for non-profit organizations.

The gift can be personalized by engraving the name of your company or NPO or the recipients name on the blade. Engravings on the blade are made carefully with free hand. The number af characters is dependent on the length/width of the blade. In addition the logo of your organization can be pressed on the sheath.

Gift boxes, engravings and preparing and pressing of a logo to sheaths are billed additions

Check out the gift boxes also.

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