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Reindeer antler-curly birch knife, product 607, blade 105 mm


If you would like your name to be engraved on the blade, then write it in the text box on the checkout page. The maximum length of the engraving depends on the length of the blade, check the additional information for each knife for the maximum length. Engraving is free of charge. Brown sheath.


 Individual and beautiful handles are made from reindeer antler and curly birch. Every knife is unique, there are no two same knives. Suitable both for use and as a gift. Longer blades are suitable as a general knife, shorter blades as a wood-carving and activity knife. Reindeer antler knives always have a brown sheath.

The inserts between the antler and curly birch are fibreboard. Two-part epoxy adhesive is put between each part. The blade’s tang goes through the handle to which it is rivetted. The handle is treated with linseed oil, and it does not slip in the hand.

Additional information

Weight 80 g

Light, brown

Blade material

Carbon steel

Blade dimensions (length, width, thickness)

105x20x3,25 mm

Maximum engraving

20 characters