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Sami knife, product 1202, blade 210 mm


If you would like your name to be engraved on the blade, then write it in the text box on the checkout page. The maximum length of the engraving depends on the length of the blade, check the additional information for each knife for the maximum length. Engraving is free of charge.

Choose the handle colour. Sheath colour is determined by the colour of the handle.

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Medium sized Sami knives are intended for wilderness hiking.

A large Sami knife combines a knife and billhook. The model is a traditional Lapland Sami knife model. The blade has been ground and rounded to a convex shape. Thanks to its heavy weight and the grinding of the blade, the Sami knife is durable for pruning and cutting small branches. Lapland themed patterning on the sheath; reindeers and aurora borealis.

Additional information

Weight 340 g

Light, brown

Puukon pituus

32 cm

Blade dimensions (length, width, thickness)

210×37/39×3,25 mm

Maximum engraving

35-40 characters