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First knife, product 402, blade 59 mm, blunt tip, with finger protection


If you would like your name to be engraved on the blade, then write it in the text box on the checkout page. The maximum length of the engraving depends on the length of the blade, check the additional information for each knife for the maximum length. Engraving is free of charge.

Choose the handle colour. Sheath colour is determined by the colour of the handle. Red knives have a black sheath.
You can buy also gift boxes.

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First knives with finger protection are made for children. The handle is thinner and shorter than on adult knives, and the 59 mm length blade is easier to control than longer blades. The blunt tipped first knife is designed for younger users, being recommended for approximately 5-8-year-old users. Its blunt tip makes it a safer option; however, the blade is as sharp as on a normal knife. When the child has developed their skill, the tip can be sharpened. The handle is treated with linseed oil, and it does not slip in the hand.

Tupissa hauskoja eläinkuvioita tai nuotio. Nuotiokuva on vakiona, mutta jos toivot jotain muuta kuvaa (orava, pupu, kala, mustassa vain nuotiokuva), kirjoita toiveesi kassa-sivulla olevaan Tilauksen lisätiedot -kohtaan.

Toteutamme toiveen mahdollisuuksien mukaan, mikäli toivomallasi kuvalla varastosta löytyy valmiina.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

Light, Brown, Red and black

Blade material

Carbon steel

Blade dimensions (length, width, thickness)

59x17x3,25 mm, blunt blade

Maximum engraving

9 characters